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Featuring over 200 individual cruise segments, this unique website offers comprehensive information for those seeking out a longer cruise, perhaps to a specific area of the world not hitherto experienced.

You may have previously considered a full world cruise, but felt that the cruise either included too many familiar ports or that the number of days away were prohibitive.

Perhaps now is the time to consider either a world cruise segment or a longer cruise to a specific area. If you do not initially see what you are looking for, please call us

10 - 13 nights : (23 cruises)
If you are limited by time constraints, search here for a selection of port-intensive cruises featuring popular areas such as Australasia, French Polynesia and Central America.
14 - 15 nights : (23 cruises)
Amongst the cruises featured here is an opportunity to sample together both Australia and South Africa on board the elegant Queen Mary2. There are also cruises featuring the very best of the Middle East area, both modern and ancient.
16 - 18 nights : (37 cruises)
Search here and you will find a handful of cruises to the Chilean Fjords, but with the bonus of some days in Antarctica, making for a cruise experience never to be forgotten.
19 - 23 nights : (33 cruises)
Longer cruises mean more exciting itineraries, here you will find several cruises that navigate the greatest and (arguably) the longest river on our planet, the breath-taking Amazon.
24 - 31 nights : (41 cruises)
The majority of cruises featured here attempt to offer as many destination experiences as possible given the extra time available. Itineraries include visiting the Far East, Middle East and the Mediterranean all on one cruise.
32 - 87 nights :(46 cruises)
For those fortunate enough to have the precious commodity of permanent leisure time, all our featured cruise companies have worked hard to offer some spectacular itineraries just for you. Here you will find a selection of the best.